Sunday, August 09, 2009

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Breaking News

History Radio
Episode 5

We watch history unfold in the recent and not-so-recent past. Tom Hamilton recounts the first broadcast in America of sounds from space. Jeff Gomez, author of Print is Dead traces the changing horizons of print. Artist, Susan Gardner and Chris Cerrito and Mike Rosenthal (co-founder of The Tank) are watching big and small changes from the ground--a shifting neighborhood, a warming planet, and they're making art and simple machines to make sense of it.

Watch an audio slide show of Susan Gardner's story:

Photo: flickr/DistortedSmile
Recorded, edited, and produced by Emma Jacobs


Kit said...

Keep up the good work; I've got nothing particularly useful to add here, but this one was good. And as I write this listening to the ending music, I cannot help but think how good the music choices are, too :)

buenosavigailes said...

Hi I really loved this one! The spliced in radio "headlines" I found to be really powerful. Also, I adored the Sputnick story and the crass insult he launched at the station manager!